Patience + Nathan's Bohemian Rainy Day Wedding in San Antonio, TX

This day was a misty, damp 50 degrees but that did not stop Patience and Nathan from making the best of their beautiful bohemian outdoor wedding.

When this opportunity arose to go down to San Antonio to shoot with my favorite dark, moody photographer Liesl Claire, I was stoked! This is not my typical wedding but I sure did love the adventure and creativity behind it!

This couple’s vision came to life from their popsicle stand, to the eclectic rugs used for a dance floor. They thrifted together their entire ceremony by repainting old chairs they collected from local shops, having their close friend create spectacular floral arrangement. Most of the people involved in putting together this brilliant wedding were friends of the couple.

They danced and played all night and unfazed by the rain and cold.
They were the light of the night, inspiring everyone who attended.